FIRST Tech Challenge UK - Game Changer Conference - Header Image
FIRST Tech Challenge UK - Game Changer Conference - Header Image

Let’s change the game in STEM

Hey Game Changer, thanks for joining us!

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FIRST Tech Challenge UK questionnaire

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Hey Game Changers!

Your involvement at the Game Changer Conference has been instrumental. We’re eager to hear your unique perspective, which is key to fueling our mission. Now, it’s your turn to inspire and guide us in revolutionising STEM education together- Let’s build More Than Robots!

About you

Tell us…

Reflect on the overall effectiveness of the training, including content, delivery, and how it prepared you for your role. Feel free to mention specific aspects that worked well or areas that could be enhanced.

Think about the emotions you experience while volunteering. Do you feel inspired, fulfilled, challenged? Share any particular moments that stood out. If you’ve never volunteered with us before- what are you most looking forward to?

Consider what drives you to contribute your time and skills. What aspects of your involvement with FIRST are most important to you?

Consider what attracted you to FIRST and what might appeal to others. Do you have suggestions for outreach, communication strategies, or engaging potential volunteers?

Reflect on individuals, companies, or organisations that might align with the values and goals of FIRST. Consider who could bring valuable skills, resources, or perspectives, either as volunteers or as partners in collaboration.

Volunteer at our events

If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for?! We need your awesomeness at one of our Qualifying Tournaments dotted across the UK. You know the ropes, let’s make the qualifiers epic.

Thu 29 Feb – Belfast
Sat 02 Mar – Liverpool
Tue 05 Mar – Sheffield
Thu 07 Mar – Stoke-on-Trent
Sat 09 Mar – Bournemouth
Tue 12 Mar – Alconbury
Sat 16 Mar – London
Wed 20 Mar – Edinburgh
Sat 23 Mar – Sutton
Wed 27 Mar – Birmingham

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“The most rewarding moment has been seeing the passion, enthusiasm and energy from the students. They’ve engaged in the task, adapted to overcome and really put their heart and soul into the competition. It’s been breathtaking.”

Rob Leeman, Early Careers Lead, Arm

Invite a friend for the ride

Refer someone awesome you know who’d jump at the chance to volunteer with young people, robots and an unrivalled energy they’ll never forget.

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We are all winners

Shout from the rooftops!

Can you believe not everyone knows about what we do? Crazy, right? Help us spread the word and start meaningful introductions. This is more than building robots, it’s building collaborative connections. Tell your organisation, your neighbours, your social media followers and their pets that we’re building a movement they’ll probably want in on.

Want to introduce us to someone? Great!

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“Volunteers are so important to the program because they can act as role models for young people. They make working in technology feel like a reality to them.”

Anna Malan, Senior Manager for Employee Community Engagement at Arm

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FIRST Tech Challenge UK - National Championship 2022-23

Join the Game Changer Squad

“I wish I had this at school” is something we hear all the time from our Game Changers. Help us give young people opportunities in STEM that would otherwise be out of their reach.

Join the Game Changer Squad

  • We build More Than Robots

    We use robots, role models and competitions to make STEM more approachable and inclusive, empowering young people to make informed choices about their future.