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We knew when forming the charity in 2018 its engine would be industry. Not simply the fuel in terms of funding, but critically - people. This isn't just about coding and engineering - its about making connections between the ...


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West Midlands Regional 2022-23 results

24 teams of West Mids warriors rallied together at the RAF Cosford Museum for our final regional this season, aiming to live up to the saying ‘best till last’ and battle this season’s energy-driven FIRST Tech Challenge game, POWERPLAY

Remote Regional 2022-23 results

7 teams of fearless young innovators logged on and united for the smallest but mightiest remote regional tournament, fired and determined to virtually vanquish this season’s energy-driven FIRST Tech Challenge game, POWERPLAY.

South East Regional 2022-23 results

24 teams of South East soldiers joined forces at the American School in London and stepped up to the game field, ready to apply their hard earned skills to conquer this season’s energy-driven FIRST Tech Challenge game, POWERPLAY.

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Northern Ireland Regional 2022-23 results

5 teams of Northern Ireland ninjas weathered the Belfast blizzard and rocked up head-strong at the iconic W5 Science and Discovery Centre to take on this season’s energy-driven FIRST Tech Challenge game, POWERPLAY.

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FIRST Tech Challenge UK - South East Regional 2022-23

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Southeast Regional 2 2021-22 results

Our final teams of the season were summoned at the RAF London Museum to battle the season’s FIRST Tech Challenge game, FREIGHT FRENZY.

What surprised me the most about FTC was the accessibility. There’s very little of that in teaching that isn’t attached to a price tag, where things are offered just for the love of what we’re doing.

Matt Fry, Maths Teacher
Lilian Bayliss Technology School

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