Posted on the 6th July 2021
Written by Patrice

UK Remote Event 2: Scores and awards!

After excellent performances from teams hitting the Ultimate game field last month, more teams across the country jumped to challenge the Ultimate Goal game in round two of our remote events. 9 teams took to the field to score points against a 2 min. 30 sec. clock. Here’s how they faired and who the judges picked for those elite FIRST awards.

This season’s Ultimate Goal game challenges teams to fire rings into a set of targets and to strategically move objects into position across the game field. For more info on the game objective, rules and point scoring, watch the game walkthrough. Phenomenal work to all teams for facing the impossible and congratulations to all award-winning teams!


Team scores and rank


Rank UK No. Global No. Team Name School RP TBP1 TBP2 HS Played
1 UK063 18889 Team Snapwire Perton Middle School 371 171 200 78 6
2 UK090 19273 Ground X Outwood Academy Newbold 237 120 55 46 6
3 UK040 19271 The High Ground Priestley College 184 123 25 36 6
4 UK068 19270 CalderDrones Calderstones School 178 53 15 46 6
5 UK186 19272 De Gen Robotics De Ferrers Academy 120 10 110 35 6
6 UK105 19269 BP-8 Bishop Perowne 73 37 20 39 6
7 UK279 19259 Gear Sub-Zero Brighton College TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC
8 UK183 19267 Nuts + Bolts Trumpington Community College TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC
9 UK110 19260 Team Auriga Nonsuch High School for Girls TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC

Check out Remote Event 1 results.

Table key

RP – Rank Points TBP – Tie Breaker Points HS – High Score
TBP1: For a single Team competing remotely, the Team’s Autonomous Period score for a Qualification Match is used as their TBP1. Total TBP1 is the sum of the TBP1s of all non-Surrogate Qualification Matches that a Team plays in a Tournament.
TBP2: For a single Team competing remotely, the Team’s End Game specific task score for a Qualification Match is used as their TBP2. Total TBP2 is the sum of the TBP2s of all non-Surrogate Qualification Matches that a Team plays in a Tournament.


Team Awards


Collins Aerospace Innovate Award
UK068, 19270, CalderDrones, Calderstones School

Multiple teams showed excellent innovation in the design of their robots and as such there were multiple contenders for this award. The winning team showcased not only that they were capable of innovation, but that they were also able to refine their designs based on the results of tests to produce a better outcome.

This team also took inspiration from other teams around the globe, innovating further to improve the use of dead wheels for odometry for positioning of their robot, producing an effectively accurate firing mechanism.


Design Award
UK186, 19272, De Gen Robotics, The De Ferrers Academy

A number of teams at this week’s event designed robots that were neat and aesthetically pleasing, yet functional and performant. However, this winning team explained each part of the design in detail during their presentation to the judges, and they were so impressed by how the team had taken into consideration every small element of the design. The team demonstrated excellent design skills by incorporating numerous 3D-printed and laser-cut components into their robot, resulting in a clean and sturdy design. They also carefully placed and routed components so they remain functional yet unobtrusive, striking a great balance between practicality and aesthetics.


Motivate Award
UK110, 19260, Nonsuch High School for Girls

Despite their sheer size, this team impressed us by their capacity to coordinate several different groups in one common direction. We were delighted by their organization, assigning different groups to tackle the related challenges. They quickly understood a regular follow up was key to ensure the project was moving forward with everyone onboard. The communication team managed to get 140+ followers on Instagram and Twitter and even raised funds by selling cakes.

This team accomplished all the above despite the high restrictions on physical meetings due to the pandemic. They simply kept moving, addressing each challenge step by step. It was because of this amazing teamwork, demonstrating a growing knowledge and an outstanding collective effort, that we are very pleased to nominate them for the Motivate Award.


Connect Award
UK063, 18889, Team Snapwire, Perton Middle School

For the connect award, we focused on the way that the winning team utilised their community outreach and social media presence to accomplish their team plan and achieve their goals.

The winning team was chosen because they reached out to their wider community, sharing progress on their social media profiles and building a network through fundraising. They had a good team plan, charting roles for each team member and mapping out the project timeline carefully. Lastly, they demonstrated a solid understanding of areas that they could improve on robot design in the future, and plan to put their ideas in motion next year.


Inspire Award
UK090, 19273, Ground X, Outwood Academy Newbold

In a year unlike any other, the hard work put in by so many teams this week was inspirational. The winning team showed excellent teamwork and demonstrated how every team member had participated in the team’s journey, from first design through to the Engineering Portfolio presentation. Not only was the team focused on their efforts for this season, but their commitment to a sustainable future for the team beyond the current team members was admirable.

They spent time on their design and were innovative in technical aspects, but they also showed innovation with their fundraising and outreach – including a dedicated website for their robot and a Minecraft server to engage others when it wasn’t possible to work face-to-face.

Check out Remote Event 1 award winners.

. . .


And there we have it! Well done to all teams who took part this season and an extra special thanks to our judges from our partner Arm who dedicated their time to ensure every team receives the recognition they deserve.

We’ll be back next week to announce the national award winners! Follow the hashtag #MoreThanRobotsUK on Instagram and Twitter for team updates.

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